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Biologicut Plasma Fluid 5L

Biologicut Plasma Fluid 5L

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Plasma Fluid, the perfect solution for your CNC plasma water table needs. The advanced formula is designed to prevent hot spots, corrosion, bacteria and foaming, ensuring top performance with every use.
It has a 20:1 ratio, making it easy to use. Mix one liter of Plasma Fluid with 20 liters of water. It does not evaporate, so you only need to add water when necessary.
The Plasma Liquid is safe to use and does not produce harmful fumes. You can easily maintain the correct mixture by checking the pH of the diluted liquid every two weeks using pH strips. If the pH is within the range of 9-10, no action is required. If it falls below 9, you just need to add more fresh plasma fluid to adjust the pH.
It is specially designed for CNC plasma cutting and offers numerous benefits, including preventing corrosion and bacteria, excellent surface finish, higher production rates and 100% effectiveness regardless of speed.
Additionally, the plasma liquid is safe, non-toxic and can go straight into the sewer once the metal chips are filtered out and no oil is visibly floating on the liquid.

With the Acros 150/150S, 4 liters go into the water container when it is mixed 20:1.

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